FRED BRENNAN is one of Canada’s preeminent dialogue and supervising sound editors. In a career that spans forty years, he has worked on Canadian feature films, major international co-productions and hundreds of hours of television. His numerous awards include Canadian Screen Awards, Genies, Geminis, recognition by The Director’s Guild of Canada and the Motion Picture Sound Editors in Los Angeles.

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The sound for a film starts when the author first puts pen to paper. My work as a sound editor is to preserve that original intent from pre-production to the end of the final mix.

“I came to dialogue editing through poetry and writing, through a love for the cadence of words. We are rhythmic beings and in a film, when the synchronization of sound and image is off even just a bit, the audience can feel it. In a way I don’t work for the producer or the director, I work for the audience. If they can’t hear what’s going on then the film is not successful.”

Excerpt from an interview in Montage Magazine.
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